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Below are the quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Do I need a credit card?

No, we do not require a credit/debit card for payment or the deposit we hold.  You can leave a cash deposit which will be returned to you when you bring the car back.

Which documents are needed to pick up a rental car?

You will need your passport and driving license.

What is included in the rental charges?

Unlimited Mileage.

Third Party insurance. 

We offer Silver  and Gold upgrades to lower your excess and cover more of your liability to our vehicle.

It is also possible to take out extended insurance with your insurance company before travelling to Cyprus.

Can I rent a specific car model?

A vehicle will be allocated to you according to your booking.  In the unlikely event the vehicle is not available at the time of delivery you will receive a type specific similar vehicle.

Vehicle Capacity

Please ensure you book a vehicle suitable to the number of persons and luggage capacity.  The luggage capacity given on our website is a guide only as luggage size, shape and material differ.

What is the fuel policy?

We have a fair fuel policy (same to same).  We do not give refunds for fuel where vehicles are returned with extra.

What happens if I damage the car or have an accident?

The most important thing to remember is NOT to move the vehicle unless instructed to do so by a police officer.  Call the emergency number provided on your car hire agreement and you will be told what to do.  We will need to know your location and the extent of the damage.  Damages incurred by driver negligence will be the responsibility of the driver.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

It is standard practice for ALL car hire companies in Cyprus to hold a security deposit.  Happy Car Hire will hold a deposit to the value of the excess (Between €100 and €650 depending on vehicle) which will be returned when the car is collected and inspected.  Please note that some banks do take up to a week to release these funds back into your account.  The security deposit can be left in cash (Euros only).

Can I cross borders with my rental car?

Simply, NO!